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LG G5 QuickCover case allegedly confirms G5 SE

It wasn’t long when we have info that LG trademarked the LG G5 SE. Soon after the listing, first thing came in mind LG is trying to copying Cupertino giant’s branding. The recently introduced Apple mid-range iPhone was announced as iPhone SE Aka special edition. 

It was also expected LG will be releasing an upper mid-ranger compatible with Apple iPhone SE or this version will be a special variant of flagship G5. Let’s move fast towards today, According to latest rumour pops out at MobileFun, Korean giant LG is shipping QuickCover cases which seemingly fit both the unannounced G5 SE and flagship LG G5.

Now there are two possibilities, either the LG G5 SE is a special edition variant of flagship model with unique features or it will be a mid-range variant of G5 with same modular design and slightly less powered specs.  

We also have rumours that LG G5 SE is the pre-production Korean variant of the recently announced G5. This device is featuring same design and specs except the SE branding on its rear side. On the other hand, so far LG never used a special name for their native models unless device features some unique features as compared to the global variant. At the moment, it’s all really strange.

We can expect LG will be spilling the beans regarding G5 SE pretty soon, so stay tuned if you also curious regarding the upcoming LG G5 SE.

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