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Android Marshmallow is now powering 7.5 % Android running devices

With each new Android fragmentation, we come to know that how much percent of devices are currently on latest Android flavor. The latest Android flavor in line is Android Marshmallow. The update is nearly seven months old but still there are a huge number of devices which are still running on older versions despite new flavor announcement. The Nexus users are always first to receive the latest android flavor and it took few months before other OEM’s roll out the latest build of Android OS. From latest fragmentation it seems, the Android Marshmallow is getting momentum and percent of number running on Marshmallow increases significantly in last month.  

Back in last month report of March, the Android Marshmallow running devices were pretty insignificant. In March, only 2.3 % of all Android running devices are on Marshmallow. As new flagship devices were launched at MWC, as expected the latest Marshmallow running devices number increases significantly. The latest Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and LG’s G5 were announced with latest Android 6.0 on board. With more sales of latest flagships, a number of devices running on Marshmallow goes significantly up.

By the start of last month, the Android Marshmallow running devices were doubled and 4.6% devices available in the market were on modern Android OS. Now as per latest Google fragmentation, the Marshmallow gained another 2.9% share and currently 7.5% of Android devices are on Marshmallow flavor. Even though it’s still much far away from Android Lollipop which is currently on top with a 35.6% share but still it is the serious progress of a new version in just last two months.

With the release of new smartphones running on Marshmallow, we can expect this number will be increased significantly. Do share your views below, when purchasing a new smartphone, do you notice that device is having Android Marshmallow on board or not because promises of rolling out Marshmallow are not enough for getting latest Android flavor.   

source: Google
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