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Android N will be the 7.0 version of Android OS

Yesterday, Google released the third developer preview version of latest Android N. The new build is bringing a lot of improvements for the existing features including Doze. The latest build seems far more stable than initial two builds. But Google always leaks few details despite they are yet to be officially unveiled.

We have seen Google sets the system clock to the version number of the update, same happened with the latest Android N OS update. All the screenshots shown during the Keynote I/O 2016 were at 7:00 which probably means that upcoming Android N version will be released as 7.0 version of Android OS.

Google usually jumps to new number version if update is bringing major changes, and the new Android N is bringing two key features including multiple screens and a new Google Assistant which works quite similar like SIRI but it’s much advanced than Apple’s Siri.

On the other hand, Android N screenshots shown on Android developer site are at 12:00 which doesn’t mean next update will be released as Android 12. We do have to wait few more weeks to confirm either Android N will be released as Android 7.0 version or not.

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