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Google is allegedly working on their own Android smartphone to compete directly with the iPhone

Under the Nexus program, so far Google partners with the number of OEMs for the production of their yearly Nexus smartphone running on the latest stock version of Android OS. With each new Nexus hardware, Device Company unveils the new version of Android.

To give their fans a pure Android experience it’s the best way to release tablets and smartphones under Nexus branding. As per latest reports from The Telegraph, the tech giant Google is now all set to start producing smartphones internally which will give more access to the company regarding designing and production of their stock Android running smartphone and the devices produced by Google won’t be jointly produced with any OEMs.

The report further suggests that Google’s manufactured smartphone will be released later by the end of this year. Recently Google CEO also hinted by claiming that their company is “more opinionated as to the design of the phone." Not just that we also heard that former Motorola president Rick Osterloh also working on a new hardware division.

Well, if you are Nexus fan you don’t have to worry because the Nexus lineup is not going away but instead, CEO Pichai mentioned that Google is committed to producing Nexus smartphones with other OEMs which mean we can expect Nexus lime up will continue in future as well. The main aim of Google to produce smartphone internally is to gain more control over the designing process, pretty much similar what company has done to produce Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C devices.

At the moment, the aforementioned story is not from official sources and it’s a rumour at the moment, so we will recommend you to take this rumour with a heavy grain of salt and wait for more info in coming days. Stay tuned.

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