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Google upcoming Nexus Marlin/ Sailfish 3D rendered video appears online

For this year Mountain view giant Google is expected to announce two Nexus smartphones this year. Both of this device are highly rumoured will be manufactured by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC. The HTC built Nexus smartphones will be providing best user experience of Android OS than earlier Nexus smartphones. They will be having better hardware and the Android Nougat as OS out of the box.

One of the Nexus manufactured by HTC will be a pocket-friendly smartphone which will be the successor variant of Nexus 5X whereas the other device will be the flagship variant having top-notch specs sheet and slightly higher price tag.

As being a flagship variant, one of the HTC built Nexus is rumoured to be one of the fastest Android smartphone available in the market. There are chances, HTC could launch both devices with the same design but different in internal specs configuration. Today we have rendered 3d videos of HTC manufactured Nexus Marlin and Sailfish. These rendered videos are shared by Techconfigurations.

Though we can’t be sure whether these rendered videos are accurate or not but it will give Nexus fans a sneak peeks view of what they can expect from upcoming Nexus duo. The video is based on the rumours what we heard so far about the upcoming Nexus lineup.

One thing which surely is a concern for many Nexus fans is whether upcoming Nexus devices will be having a 3.55 headphone port or not as it does not appear in the render but in rumours we heard about it.

Following traditional HTC design, these renders are slim and are featuring the metal design with glass back on the rear side. We do hope that HTC Marlin and Sailfish will be promising Android Nougat running device with a great hardware. 
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