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Why Google announced Pixel smartphones this year instead of Nexus ?

A couple of days ago, in a landmark event, Google announced new Pixel lineup smartphones instead of Nexus branded. The new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones have the tag of “Phone by Google”. The new phones don’t have any logo of the manufacturer and also the new flagship lineup smartphones challenged the HTC’s flagship design as well as Apple iPhone 7 lineup devices.

The G Logo with a Phone by Google made it clear that this year smartphone is the complete product from Google and third part manufacturer most probably HTC made it. Well, it looks like with the new Pixel lineup Google want’s to strengthen their position on hardware and for the first time, Google smartphone has their own design without getting inspiration from manufacturer’s flagship. The Nexus 4 was manufactured by LG and it took design queues from LG’s Optimus G, the Nexus 5 was pretty much in line with the LG G2. Back in 2014 when Google announced Nexus 6 as a flagship phablet, its design was based on Moto X lineup devices.

This year Pixel smartphone has a uniquely simple design and yet it look’s premium as well. The Pixel branding is not new at all for Google, they introduced premium Chromebook as pixel Chromebook laptop, then a Pixel C tablet. Both these name indicates Google referred their premium smartphones as Pixel, so one of the reason is Google want’s to provide stock Android experience on a true flagship device with brand new design and top notch hardware.

So, what Google want to accomplish by ditching Nexus brand with a Pixel brand. It’s quite simple, Google want’s to offer Pure Android software on true flagships from now onwards and the Nexus-branded smartphones never took off in a big way despite their affordable price tag. The reason was Google never offered true flagship smartphones but instead, their Nexus devices are packed with mid-ranger specs with low-end camera sensor and pocket-friendly price tag.

However, the new Pixel lineup smartphones are bringing a number of new goodies with them, which are exclusive for Pixel lineup devices. The free external storage for pictures and videos Google offered with new Pixel smartphones are exclusive for new Pixel owners. The Pixel Launcher is also exclusive and even last year Nexus 6P owners will not get these premium features. The new Pixel smartphones are the first Daydream enabled VR handsets available in the market. Unlike most modern smartphones, the new Pixel smartphones are not water and dust resistant but instead they can survive water shower which means they are IP53 certified.

For the first time, Google pure Android experience will be available at a very high price tag. In the US, Google relied upon Verizon as an exclusive partner for selling new Pixel smartphones via carrier, unlocked variants can be purchased via Google Play Store.

In short, these two Pixel smartphones are packed with premium design, pure Android experience, top notch hardware and exclusive features which no Nexus smartphone will ever get and for sure other 3rd party manufacturer’s flagships will also not get these features which are exclusively available on Pixel lineup devices. Google took a bold step by releasing a true flagship smartphone which can compete against other OEMs as well as against Apple flagship lineups. Do share your views below in comments section regarding new Google Pixel lineup and ditching Nexus branding. 

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